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Benjamin House

Family and Children's Services

Benjamin House Family & Children's Services is dedicated to providing free, professional services that support children, families, and organizations in finding solutions to life's challenges today.

About Us

Striving to serve the whole family, we help our clients with affordable housing, free medical assistance, and food subsidies. We believe in the underlying notion that our clients have what it takes to live happier and more productive lives - and with our help, they quickly find this to be true.

Founded in 1995, Benjamin House is a social service agency with programs serving children and families in need in the United States and Israel. Benjamin House reaches out with comprehensive, integrated social services, helping people most effectively and compassionately possible. We provide people of all ages and backgrounds with the encouragement and tools to become productive and self-reliant.

Our experienced staff, our generous community of supporters, and their thousands of acts of loving-kindness are all integral to our efforts. Our dedicated Benjamin House volunteers give of themselves to create a more caring community. They help us meet our goals through visits to elderly and disabled community members, remedial tutoring of youngsters, working with special needs populations, and delivering food and love all year round, including holidays.

Benjamin House Family and Children's Services is an organization firmly committed to serving the Jewish community in the US and Israel.

The BHFCS reflects our heritage's rich customs, building on their strengths and responding quickly and efficiently to our community's rising needs. Our services to the Jewish community fall into two broad categories: those that are explicitly designed to strengthen Jewish institutions and Jewish families, our heritage programs, special needs population, and those that provide direct service to Jewish families and individuals. Our goal is always to build a healthy and robust community able to assure Jewish continuity and move forward a Jewish heritage full of life and benevolence.

The BHFCS takes excellent satisfaction in helping all members of the Jewish community.

Our Services To Families in Need

All Services are Available in the United States and Israel

All Services are Available to Families in Need in the United States and Israel.

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